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STEM Tuition Services

With extensive experience of providing premium quality private tuition in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at all levels, you can rely upon professional expertise of the highest standards to ensure your success, whether it be at Key Stage 3*, GCSE, AS Level, A Level or beyond, which will enable you to proceed with confidence to achieve your next academic goals. Tuition covering all UK examination board syllabuses in the STEM subject areas is available and over 35 years of personal tutoring and university level teaching experience are drawn upon to provide a number of additional educational support services.

* For KS1, KS2 or 11+ see Exam Ninja : http://www.examninja.co.uk

STEM Educational Services

Educational services are available specifically tailored to meet the needs of International GCSE and A-Level students, International Baccalaureate students, students preparing for University Admissions and Aptitude Tests and those enhancing their studies with competitive programmes such as the UK Mathematics Trust’s National Mathematical Challenge. Educational support is also offered on selected BTEC programmes, selected undergraduate and postgraduate courses and on specific Graduate Training Programmes for industry. Students may be interested too in our proof reading, feedback and advice service for essay assignments, dissertations and theses.

STEM Teaching & Learning Strategies

Our approach is always guided by, and centred upon, the individual requirements of the student. Whether this be in consolidating the more demanding aspects of the syllabus, introducing new concepts or working in preparation for an examination, building on existing strengths results in faster learning, deeper understanding and greater retention of knowledge. Coupled with in-depth curriculum coverage and focused use of past examination material, experience reveals this combination to be the key to success. Also mindful of the unprecedented challenges many are now facing, we remain committed to delivering superlative educational services in response to specific individual needs.

Further Information

Tuition and educational support are available via video conferencing sessions, either for individual students or small groups, with rates starting at £30/hour. Please refer to our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics pages for more details on our most popular courses.

To book on-line tutorials, access educational services or for any other queries please contact us.

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